FTV 2013- 2014 Exco Recruitment

Make it Heard, Make it Fair- Join as our new blood to make a better future for all!

DOWNLOAD the application form at http://goo.gl/37Zgo.

Send your completed application (Word or PDF) together with your CV to fairtrade.hku@gmail.com on or before noon, 27 September (Friday).


1% vs 99% Program is Full

Thank you for the support. Special acknowledgments to
HKU General Education Unit & Crossroads Foundation.
Let's hope the Fair Trade message can be spread around HKU and beyond.


Registration-Oxfam Interactive Workshop (Jan 27)

Learn the story of coffee market where farmers only get 1% in total.
Understand more about the concept of Fair Trade.
Join our workshop by signing our form in following link:


Wealth Inequality workshop with General Education Unit HKU

The current economy is creating cycles of endless poverty for many globally.
To get a first hand experience of extreme poverty,
join the "1% vs 99%" program of HKU Gen Ed this semester!
Fair Trade Voice will co-organize the interactive workshop with Crossroads Foundation.


How much can factory workers earn for each iPhone 4S?

iPhone 4S created a heated buzz worldwide in its first selling day.
For a HKD$5088 iPhone 4S (16GB),
Do you know how much is paid to the supplier factory workers?

 (Photo of IFC apple store in Central, Hong Kong. Credit: wZa HK)


Crossroads Poverty Simulation, Oct 18 (Tue)

Curious about poverty issues?
Eager to have fun while learning in Reading Week?
Join our poverty simulating game by signing up here!


"Fair Trade Label" vs "UTZ Certified"

Stumbled upon the coffee label called "UTZ Certified" in chain stores?
Wonder if it is another type of Fair Trade certification?
In fact, it is a more lenient labelling system.